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    Условия оформления заказа

    «Проект 111» продает товары оптовыми партиями за безналичный расчет. Вы можете оформить на сайте заказ суммой не менее 2 500 рублей или тиражом от 500 шт. Подробнее об оформлении заказа вы можете узнать в разделе «Как купить»

Project 111 is the first-class
supplier in the Russian
promotional products industry

производство сувенирной продукции
yearly rise is
no less than

20 %
23 years
in the industry
Since 1993 our company specializes in design, production, and delivery of promotional items and business gifts.
promotional gifts production
11 300 of manufacturing
and warehouse facilities
contain eight production sections and a class "A" warehousing complex with 6500 pallet spaces.
modern printing technology
85 separate
print all types of corporate identity elements onto promotional items.
5000 orders
are dispatched from the warehouse every month.
1700 distributors
represent the company throughout Russia and abroad.
2 381 000 000 rubles
was the turnover
of the company
in 2016
11 reasons, why thousands of companies order items from us and our distributors
  • 1

    Online ordering

    The entire process – from ordering and checkout to tracking – is accomplished on the website in real time. All the data on the stock status, order amount, as well order status, can be obtained online. Over 2300 users place orders via our website daily.

  • 2

    Gifts for any budget

    Project 111 product range includes both low-priced and high-end items. At the "Promo" section there are always items that will help you to fit into the smallest of budgets. The most valuable personal gifts are shown in the "Znaki Vnimanija" (Signs of Attention) collection.

  • 3

    Promptness and high quality

    Items from the regular catalog are stocked at the warehouse in Russia. Our own production facilities guarantee high quality of manufacturing, assembly, and printing.

  • 4

    Trusted brands

    Project 111 represents such brands as SamsoniteProdir, Senator, Victorinox, Coreflect, Richartz, Contigo and exclusively — James Harvest Sportswear, F.O.R.Ritter Pen, oPen, Troika, Burger Swiss Pen, SPSMatteo Tantini, «Кузькина Мать», Uniscend, Indivo and X-Pen on the Russian market. Within the product mix there are a French textile brand Sol's, and our own brands: InspireT-bolka, Unit and teplo°.

  • 5

    Original gifts and new items

    In 2016 we added 363 new items to our collection — it's nearly one brand new gift a day! There are more than 300 items of our own design in our catalogues. Many of them are constantly winning awards at prestigious advertising and design festivals.

  • 6

    Unique solutions

    We design and produce conceptually new customized promotional items, using artwork and layouts made by the client. The range of production technologies and printing methods are virtually endless, which results in unique promotional solutions. Ideas for customized gifts can be viewed at the "Unicum" section.

  • 7

    Licensed and exclusive goods

    In 2013 Project 111 was licensed to produce and sell items with the XXII Winter Olympics and XI Paralympics' logo in the Automobile accessories category. In 2014 we became the licensee of FC Zenit Saint Petersburg. We also have an exclusive collection of travel-related items called "Moja Planeta" (My Planet), created by the authors of the same-name educational TV channel.   

  • 8

    A team of professionals

    Every fourth member of our team has worked 10+ years in promo industry, and together we are able to reach any goal. What is most important, our business is a business with a human face.

  • 9

    Always close

    A customer can place and receive any order in his/her own city or region. Samples can be provided before ordering: in Moscow and St. Petersburg our partners will make them available within 3 days of the ordering date; scheduling in other regions depends on items' availability at local showrooms.

  • 10

    We're growing along with the world's promotional industry

    This allows us to apply the newest knowledge and achievements in our area. Project 111 is a member of WAGE (World Advertising Gift Exchange) Presidium, the organization uniting the market leaders from 25 different countries. The company is also a member of PSI (Promotional Product Service Institute).

  • 11

    First-class supplier

    The Russian Association of Communication Agencies (RACA) estimated the size of the promotional gifts market in 2014 at 18.5 bln rubles. Therefore, every twelfth ruble spent on promotion, client loyalty and so on in Russia is invested in the business gifts sold by Project 111. We are confident that it is a profitable investment.

Let's work together!

Choose our business gifts and promotional items from the Project 111 catalog in the most comfortable format: browsing the electronic version on our website or the paper catalog, where over 3000 items for efficient marketing campaigns are put together.